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James (Doug) Schrim

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04/12/11 09:07 AM #1    

Elizabeth A. Ward (Jasper) (Jasper)

I have lots of great memories of Doug, but the ones that stand out revolved around the unlikely group Miss Robinson created to work together in fourth year Latin...Doug, Ronnie Richlin and me. The far right (Doug), the far left (Ronnie) and me, not a clue about the political world or much else. They were much smarter than me and had lots of opinions, and i still credit them with molding me somewhat into the moderate liberal i would become...leaned a bit more toward Ronnie, but Doug's ideas stayed with me too. Then there was the nite about midnight that Doug showed up at my door, quite happily drunk, and asked if he could sleep on our couch...i called my dad to come in and he said, "well, boy, why can't you go go home?" Doug said "well Mr. Ward, i went home, but when i got to the door it was locked; so i began to pound on it and sing loudly "Yes, It's Me and I'm Home Again" more or less to the tune of Fats Domino's, "Yes, It's Me and I'm In Love Again." Presumeably neither his singing abiity nor his humor appealed to his parents who refused to open the door. Daddy let him sleep on the couch. And chuckled about it for days. Guess it was easier to take Doug in than the nite Nick Lawrence showed up at the door late and asked if he could leave a car in our back yard...that he had more or less stolen. I was told to go in the house and they "men" talked but i can't remember if the car stayed or not...

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